EKOBO is a French eco-lifestyle brand founded by husband & wife duo, Bruno & Boo Louis. EKOBO, in French, is a mash-up of the words ECO (ecology) and BEAU (beautiful). EKOBO's mission is to embellish homes and lives while protecting the environment through functional designs conceived and manufactured in an eco-responsible way.

Each EKOBO product is unique because it's been dreamed up, imagined, invented and inspired by Boo & Bruno's family life - their 3 girls. The range has grown along with them – from highchair to school, holiday tables, and camping trips - they are always looking to the future. Looking ahead means their designs are functional, pragmatic, and very much “no-fuss” coupled with a commitment to eco-responsible and sustainable materials. EKOBO products are meant to be used and REUSED, by all ages, indoors and outdoors. When you buy an EKOBO product, you can be sure their designs are never knock-offs - you're buying the original.